Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Patterson Goins Connection

   My great great grandfather’s uncle was Daniel Goins. In some family trees his middle name is Patterson. Daniel’s second marriage was to Susan Harman and they had two children Laura and Daniel Patterson Goins Jr. In the 1880 census Daniel Patterson Goins Jr. is enumerated as Paterson Geowens. In his death certificate he is Daniel Patterson Goins.  Paterson/Daniel Patterson Goins married Bell Peck March 11, 1894 in Bradley County, Tennessee. One of their children was named D. P.  Goins born 4 Aug 1913 and died at the age of 5 on 21 Dec 1918 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennesssee. Both Paterson/Daniel Patterson and D.P. Goins died of influenza in 1918.

   So the question is where did the Patterson name come from?

   Maybe Patterson comes from Catherine Patterson who married William Goins in about 1704.  William Goins was born about 1683 in James City County, Virginia. William died about 1725 and Catherine died in 1739. In Catherine Patterson's will she mentions her children John, Alexander, Susannah Goins. Some researchers think that after William Goins died, Catherine remarried and her husband’s surname was Patterson.

   Because my yDNA closely matches Hollis yDNA I would like to think that there is a connection with the Hollis family. John Hollis comes up in a July 23, 1739 probate record naming John Goins as the sole administrator of Catherine Pattersons’ estate. Fast forward  to the 1790 census in Camden District, Fairfield County, South Carolina. Living in the same general area are Daniel, Alexander and Henry Goins; James, William, Elijah, and Moses Hollis; and Peter Patterson.

   So maybe the name Patterson can be used to make the connection to William Goins. Also that Alexander Goins was living in South Carolina in the 1790 census with the Hollis families.


  1. I think the Hollis family YDNA matches shows a close relationship of these two families. John Hollis posted bond on the Catherine Padderson will. John Hollis' sons - Moses and Notley Hollis had several land transactions with Alexander, John, and William Going in Orange County, NC. The Hollis family and Going family continued to show up on eachother's probate papers in Fairfield Co, SC. So there must have been some family relationship here. I would not be surprised if a Goin/Going child was possibly raised by the Hollis family as their own (adopted from a Goin/Going who died, or other type relationship since the families lived close to eachother).

    There are a few Keith's on our YDNA too. John Going b. abt 1704 married Mary Keith (daughter of Cornelius Keith). The Keith and Going families moved from Stafford Co, Va to the NC/Va border near Brunswick Co, Va / Orange Co, NC about the same time - and both had family that moved to SC about the same time too.

  2. I definitely think this connects us to that line (William Going married to Catherine Padderson/Patterson).