Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mysteries of my DNA

   I had my yDNA analyzed by Family Tree DNA to identify my direct paternal line. My yDNA was tested for 67 STR markers.  Each marker having its own value. I am then matched with other individuals who have the same values or nearly the same values for those markers tested. What I find interesting is that besides matches with other Goins surnames there are individuals with the surnames of Cook, Gibbs, Grimes, Bowling, Renfro, Wilson, Adams, Wallace, and Hollis who closely match my yDNA.
   In regards to the surname Hollis, researchers have found that there is a close association with the Gowens and Hollis families who in the late 1700‘s to the early 1800‘s moved together from Virginia through North Carolina to South Carolina.
   My yDNA has been associated with haplogroup E1b1a. This haplogroup is the main haplogroup in sub-Saharan Africa (West Africa). In many Goins/Gowens family trees and The Gowen Manuscript, an African slave named Mihill “Michael” Gowen/Guynes is our ancestor that links us to West Africa.
    I had the remaining 22 pairs of chromosomes (my autosomal DNA) tested by DNA Tribes. My autosomal DNA contains random bits of DNA from my parents and my grandparents, great grandparents, etc. According to DNA Tribes my top five closest genetic relatives today and peoples whose blend of geographical ancestry is most similar to my own are as follows in descending order : Armenian (Gardman, Azerbaijan); Sweden; Caucasian (Florida); Mainland Croatia; Zemplin, Eastern Slovakia; and Vis, Croatia. 
   My mother’s side of the family has the surnames, Taylor, Conrow, Minton, Arnett, Beagle, Fox, Thompson and Ward. It would appear that most of my mother’s side of the family came from the British Isles. This was confirmed when I had my mitochondrial DNA tested by Family Tree DNA. Human mitochondrial DNA is only inherited from my mother. Her haplogroup is H which includes the British Isles and Europe.
   I also had my autosomal DNA tested by the Ancestry website. Their genetic ethnicity results were British Isles 87%, Southern Europe 7% and Uncertain 6%.
   Family Tree DNA and Ancestry are matching my yDNA and autosomal DNA to other individuals. I hope matches in the future will add new ancestors/relatives to my family tree.

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