Friday, October 19, 2012

The genealogical internet freeway

    I have been interested in my ancestors since the 1980's. I use to rent microfiche and scroll through census records looking for my family members. I found my Goins ancestors all the way back to Bradley County, Tennessee in the 1860 census. At that time I was content to stop and work on my Mom's side of the family and my Dad's mother, Nellie Craig.
    Now it is 2012 and I am again traveling down the genealogical internet freeway. I thought taking the turnpike, the ancestry website, would take me to my destination sooner. I found that the turnpike had way to many exits that quickly turned into dirt roads. The internet freeway is no different. I have to have my GPS set to one destination and stick with it. I get distracted easily and I usually end up on some dead end road. Sometimes that road ends up in a swamp. I am literally "swamped" with information that may or may not be relevant.
    I started with my great great great grandfather Edmond Goins and started traveling back in time looking for his parents. In the 1860, 1850, and 1840 census, Edmond and his family are living in Bradley County, Tennessee. Now I am on my dirt bike following the trails. I'll see where they lead me.

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