Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Strang, Oklahoma and Thomas Straley Goins grocery store

    A street in Strang, Oklahoma, circa 1923.  My grandfather’s store is to the left. Thomas Straley Goins moved from the area around Spavinaw to Strang between 1910 and 1920. Strang became a town where the railroad from Neosho, Missouri met the railroad from Muskogee, Oklahoma. 
    The president of the MO&G (Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf) railroad, William Kenefic,  named Strang after his wife, Clarita Strang Kenefic. Kenefic and Clarita are towns in Oklahoma that are also named after William and his wife. When the MO&G railroad met at Strang, they celebrated on February 12, 1913 with a golden spike ceremony.

Strang, Oklahoma in 1923. My Dad, age 2, Thomas Craig Goins in front of his Dad's store. 

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